In 2016, while the rest of the world was going about it’s business, an organization of some of the most notorious peppers was formed…

After growing and sampling close to two dozen varieties of peppers, a particular combination stood out.  They were picked for their flavors, heat profiles, and bush yields.  Scorch Garden HOUSES nine (9) of the most famous and infamous chilies.  We harness their flavor, power, and rage to make our sauces INTENSELY intense. 

Be on the lookout for any of these hot heads!

If you encounter any member of this gang, contact your nearest tortilla chip, chicken wing, falafel, etc…Consider them hot and delicious. Do not attempt to eat on your own.  Large groups of friends with plenty of drinks are most effective when dealing with peppers of this caliber.

Ranging from mild fruity to smokey savor to burning magma, each pepper is a specialist and the best at what they do.  Stay alert.  


These are your street-level actors.  Always into something, trying to spice things up.  They may seem harmless, but do not let their mild dispositions fool you.  They are hot peppers that can and will lead you down the path to becoming a chilihead.

Allowing just one onto your plate may be all it takes.  Stay on your toes at all times and keep your head down. The last thing we need is another full-blown salsa riot.  A salsa binge can last nearly a week and up to 5 bags of chips can be killed in the process. Not on our watch…again…and this time, we mean it!

The “Gateway” Pepper


Greek Pepperoncini

Pale yellow green, normally pickled. Salty and tangy with a bit of zing, this pepper sneaks into your meal via salads and pizzas. Thousands of children each year are introduced to hot peppers via this fiend. That is a very true story that is deeply personal to me. This MF got me started when i was only 5!

The Sweet Heat Bandit


Hungarian Wax

Tall and thick, ranging from yellow to orange to red. This guy is a master of disguise. He can look and act just like his sweet cousin, but by the time find out it’s not her, its too late, and you’re hooked. Hotter than the average banana pepper, this culprit is responsible for many a delicious pizza.


Not all peppers are created equal.  Some are rougher than others.  Here, we house some of the meaner of the crew.  Burning mouths all over the world for over 1000 years, these repeat offenders just can not not be hot.  It’s in their nature, so this is their role.  

Just because they are familiar doesn’t mean they won’t do any damage.  That’s part of what makes them so dangerous.  Red pepper flakes are available where ever you can get a slice of pizza.  No enchilada in its right mind would be seen without a Serrano getting in on the action.  Sure, it seems innocent, but what would happen if this wasn’t the case?  Chili would lose a very dear friend.  And what about Buffalo wings? See?  They tricked you into needing them.

The Go-To Guy



Being average looking makes it easy for this pepper to blend in and infiltrate your food.  Poppers, nachos, even cheese, the jalapeno is involved in nearly all mid-level heat related capers. Its last job was inside a loaf of bread, with cheddar cheese.

The Serrano Twins


Mexican Serrano

Shaped like bullets and very solid, this variety is widely used in Mexican cuisine.  Green and Red, the Serrano Twins have plenty of bite to them.  They balance out the team when its time to age and rage

Chili Flake



Tall and lanky, some varieties can grow up to 13″.  This is the pepper you see in crushed red pepper flakes and in nearly every hot sauce out there.

Its been one of the heavy lifters in the spice world, equal to the Jalapeno, when it comes to infiltration.  This guy is everywhere.  Known to also run with absolutely delicious, crunchy dill pickles.


The baddest and hottest peppers are sent here, where they are kept under tight lockdown.  The peppers housed here are some of the most notorious capsaicin culprits.  At no time should anyone handle any of these pepper without taking special precautions.  Breaking the skin in any way can set them off and release their fury. 

Red Widow


Red Habanero

Undisputed hot pepper champion from 1994 until 2006. 
The habanero took over by taking heat to a level that history had never seen before.  Thanks to the chaos this one pepper created, our lives will never be the same.   The chili pepper landscape would be very different if the habanero hadn’t come along.

Red Widow


Bhut Jolokia

2007’s Guinness World Record’s Hottest Pepper.
As vicious as it is beautiful, this pepper helped mastermind the burning of an entire wing contest while still on the bush.

Hauntingly beautiful and even hotter, the famed, Ghost Pepper, is exactly what great nightmares are made from.  To love her, is to be burned by her.

The Sweet Heat Bandit


Trinidad Scorpion

2011, Guinness World Record Hottest Pepper.
Also member of the infamous moruga scorpion tribe.  These pods are not to be toyed with and will burn you without even thinking. In our opinion, it’s the tastiest of the superhots, and delicious overall.


Only the hottest of the hottest make it here.   To end up in this place, a pepper has to take things to the furthest extreme.  Only one pepper is so scorching, it’s in a league of its own.

This is home to the Carolina Reaper, Guinness World Record holder as of 2013, as the hottest pepper on the planet.   If you come into contact or even think you see this pepper, call a verified chilihead immediately.



Carolina Reaper

Gnarled and angry looking with a telltale tail.  The bastard child of the Ghost and Red Habanero.  The meanest SOB (compliment) out there.

This is the most dangerous pepper in existence.  Nearly impossible to contain, this pepper stands on it’s own as far as brute heat goes.  Fear and respect is the only way you will survive this monster.


Vising hours are now over.  If you are in need of sauces, dusts, or salts, you may make a formal request at the commissary.  

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